TRAX, 70378

Anti Slip Cleaner & Maintainer for a variety of surfaces including floor finishes, waxes and sealers applied to:

Terrazzo   |   Wood floors   |   Marble   |   Vinyl   |   Resilient floors   |   Linoleum


  • TRAX is used on acrylic polymer floor finishes, carnauba based floor waxes and vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo,
    marble, composite or similar surfaces.
  • Dries to a buffable gloss.
  • The process used to manufacture TRAX combines the effectiveness of heavy duty cleaning agents with
    the slip resistance of an invisible monomolecular slip resistant film.
  • TRAX has been designed to meet a critical need in the marketplace for a product that would effectively
    clean soiled floors and simultaneously leave a slip resistant surface.
  • TRAX increases the co-efficient of friction.
  • UL® Classified for Slip Resistance.
  • CFIA compliant.

Container sizes: 1 gallon (3.78 L), 5 gallon (18.9 L), or 55 gallon (207.9L) drums.