No Skidding® High Traction Anti-Slip Step Covers and Treads – Black with Yellow Nose

No Skidding® Anti-Slip FRP Step Covers are durable anti-slip fiberglass treads and nosings designed for stairs. They are used for both exterior and interior applications and are suitable for concrete, wood, stone, metal, brick or grated steps.  Available in standard sizes and custom sizes to fit most applications.

No Skidding® FRP Step Covers are lightweight, versatile, easy to install, available black, yellow or black with yellow nosing for easy identification. Our No Skidding® FRP Treads are constructed with our proprietary blend of mineral abrasives applied over thermoset polyester fiber reinforced polymer panels.

Many slips on stairs happen at the edge of a step when the surface wears and the edge becomes rounded. Wear, water, dust, dirt, ice, oil on the stairs heightens the problem creating a potentially dangerous situation.   

No Skidding® Step Covers and Treads are designed to be applied over existing stairs thereby quickly creating a safe, slip-resistant surface that provides traction and safety.

  • Panels are 1/8” thick prior to grit-coating
  • Available with three grit options: Coarse/Heavy Duty, Medium and Fine
  • A beveled back edge to minimize any potential trip hazard supplied with our 3 inch tread.
  • Two Color Treads – 2” YELLOW edge with BLACK tread


Nose Length

Product No.

Shipping Weight

Supplied and Priced per Linear Foot

8 inch

2 inch


1.5 lbs. per linear ft.

Min 1 ft. Max 12ft.

9 inch

1 inch


1.5 lbs. per linear ft.

Min 1 ft. Max 12ft.

11.75 inch

2 inch


2.25 lbs. per linear ft.

Min 1 ft. Max 12ft.

“L” denotes length. Add Suffix “C” for Coarse, “M” for Medium and “F” for Fine.

(Fine is only available on single color treads, not two color options.)

Features and Benefits of No Skidding® Anti-Slip FRP Step Covers and Treads:

  • Durable FRP base that resists warping, stretching and swelling.
  • Resistant to salt and salt water.
  • Superior gritted anti-slip surface available in coarse, medium and fine textures.
  • Quick and easy installation in all weather conditions.
  • Can be walked on immediately with minimal lost time and work stoppages.
  • Suitable for concrete, wood, brick, stone and metal interior and exterior applications.
  • Easy to install – can be screwed into place or glued into place with a urethane / polyurethane adhesive.
  • Can be installed onto grating using our grating clip kit.
  • Can be installed even in winter months using screws.
  • Available in easy to install treads and panels.
  • Available in black or yellow and also black with yellow safety stripe for our flat plates and step covers.
  • Our anti-slip step covers, plates, treads and walkway panels provide slip-resistance and durability on surfaces such as inclines, ramps, and stairs.
  • Lightweight and ideal for use on structurally sound flooring and steps.

Popular No Skidding® Step Covers By Industry:

11.75″ x 48″ L
Custom & standard lengths popular
9″ & 11.75″ x 36″-48″L
Custom & standard lengths popular
Gas, Oil, Mining
3″, 9″ & 11.75″ x 24″ – 36″L
Coarse installed on gratings
3″, 9″ & 11.75″ x 24″ – 48″L
All grit sizes popular in industrial environments depending upon application
9″ & 11.75″ x 24″ – 48″L
Medium & Coarse
Coarse grit typically used in outdoor applications