No Skidding® NS5700B Series Conformable Foil Backed Anti-Slip Grit Tape – Black

Our conformable foil backed anti slip tape is engineered for irregular or textured surfaces and stair nosing applications. The foil backing allows this product to conform and hold its shape to most textured or embossed surfaces with its aggressive adhesive.                  


  • A durable choice for most applications involving rough, contoured or irregular surfaces.
  • Indoor and outdoor application.
  • Manufactured from a durable 60 grit aluminum oxide formulation.
  • Foil backing conforms to corners and irregular surfaces.
  • Economical and simple to apply anti slip high traction to irregular surfaces.
  • An anti slip material that can be rolled and bent or angled to fit most contours. Constructed from diamond hard mineral grit coated on to adhesive backed aluminum foil. Simply peel off liner, press into place then use rubber mallet to help it form to the irregular surface.
  • Conformable Black Anti Slip Abrasive Tape is for use on irregular or non smooth surfaces including steel tread plate, stair nosing, uneven sealed concrete and most uneven surfaces.
  • Certified High Traction by NFSI.

Standard sizes:

Tapes: Widths ranging from 2 inches (5.08cm) to 12 inches (30.48cm) by 60 ft. (18.3m) long and 6” X 24” cleats.

Custom slit widths and die cut applications also available.

When applying our conformable anti slip tape onto diamond tread plate and checker plates our soft rubber mallet is ideal for helping the material

to conform onto irregular surfaces. Simply press the conformable anti slip tape into place then use the rubber mallet to help it form to the irregular surface.

Product code:  NS57-S/RM

Edge Sealing Compound for sealing edges after installing anti slip tape that may be exposed to water, oil or grease for extended periods. One tube seals between 75 to 100 linear feet.

Product code: NS5-ESC





Black Conformable Foil Backed Anti-Slip Tape

2” X 60 ft.


Black Conformable Foil Backed Anti-Slip Tape

3” X 60 ft.


Black Conformable Foil Backed Anti-Slip Tape

4” X 60 ft.


Black Conformable Foil Backed Anti-Slip Tape

6” X 60 ft.


Black Conformable Foil Backed Anti-Slip Tape

12” X 60 ft



Black Conformable Foil Backed Anti-Slip Cleats

6″ X 24″

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