No Skidding® NS5100 Series Anti-Slip Tapes, 60 Grit – Clear and Colors

Our premium quality anti-slip grit tape NS5100 Series, is also available in clear and colors. NS5100 provides an excellent and economical choice for most indoor and outdoor requirements for anti-slip grit tape. 

  • Manufactured from a 60 grit aluminum oxide formulation.
  • Easy to apply anti-slip high traction safety tape that applies firm traction and durable protection with a full selection of bright colors and hazard stripes.
  • Our traction tape will adhere to clean dry surfaces including metal, sealed wood and sealed concrete. Resistant to water and many chemicals while providing excellent slip resistance.        
  • Superior embedded grit technology for extended wear.


Suitable for light to heavy shoe traffic areas including: industrial areas, ramps, dock areas, walkways, stairways, work areas, construction machinery, industrial equipment, trucks & trailers, RV’s, hazardous floors, boat decks, sailing, snowmobiles, residential, stair nosings for both visual warning and anti-slip protection.


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Adheres to clean, dry, smooth surfaces including metal, sealed or painted wood and concrete. 
  • Easy to use
  • Ready to use
  • Cost effective
  • Certified High Traction by NFSI
  • Exceeds SCOF requirements for ASTM, OSHA, ADA, ANSI/NFSI
  • Premium construction
  • Aggressive adhesive system
  • Water resistant
  • Chemical & oil resistant
  • Long term weatherability
  • Vibrant color choices and clear.


NS5100 colored anti-skid tapes are ideal when visual warning is required to mark potential slip and fall hazards. Developed with maximum visual warning characteristics in mind and includes a full range of colors: Yellow (Y), Yellow / Black hazard striped (YB), Red / White hazard striped (WR), Blue (BU), Brown (BR), White (W), Green (GN), Red (R), Orange (O), Grey (GR) and Clear (C). Our Yellow/Black hazard striped tape is a popular choice for maximum visual warning and anti-slip protection on stair nosings. Also available in Light Grey (GRL) in 42 inch by 60 ft. rolls.

Standard sizes:

Tapes: Widths ranging from 1 inch (2.54cm) to 42 inches (106.68cm) by 60 ft. (18.3m) long.  Available as wide as 45 inches by 60 ft, special order. 6” X 24” colored treads, “Caution” and “Watch Your Step” treads. Custom slitting and die cut shapes for OEM applications also available.


Anti-Slip Grit Tape – 60 Grit

1″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Grit Tape – 60 Grit

2″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Grit Tape – 60 Grit

3″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Grit Tape – 60 Grit

4″ X 60 ft.


 Anti-Slip Grit Tape – 60 Grit

6″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Grit Tape – 60 Grit

12″ X 60 ft.


Black Anti-Slip Grit Tape – 60 Grit

18″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Grit Tape – 60 Grit

24″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Grit Tape – 60 Grit

36″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Grit Tape – 60 Grit

42″ X 60 ft.




Anti-Slip Grit Tape – 60 Grit

Anti-Slip Grit Tape – 60 Grit

6″ X 24″

 5.5″ X 5.5″

Available in clear, colors and “Watch Your Step” and “Caution”.

Product Suffix Denotes Color:

C-Clear, O-Orange, R-Red, GR-Grey, GN-Green, BU-Blue, Y-Yellow, BR-Brown

W-White, GRL-Light Grey, YB-Yellow & Black, WR-White & Red

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