No Skidding® NS4400 Series Anti-Slip Vinyl Safety Tape – Coarse Texture

  • Available in Black,White or Clear.
  • Anti Slip Vinyl Safety Tape is a coarse, textured anti slip vinyl tape that provides slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions.
  • NS4400 is constructed from a non-mineral, coarse, textured, slip-resistant vinyl surface that has a water-resistant, acrylic adhesive for wet conditions.
  • Applications: Showers, bathtubs, locker rooms, therapy rooms, swimming pools, around hot tubs, surfboards, step stools, aquatic equipment, and many more applications.
  • Ideal for senior care, hospitals, hotels, motels and residences.
  • Our vinyl tape is constructed from a unique type of vinyl that is both comfortable to the skin, pleasing to the eye, easy to clean and durable.
  • Stocked in sizes from 1 inch to 48 inches and we routinely do custom sizing for larger projects.
  • Our vinyl tape is sanitary and it’s vinyl construction can limit the growth of odor causing germs and bacteria.
  • Simple application – Peel off the release liner and press firmly onto a clean, dry surface. When ready to replace your vinyl tape, lift one corner and remove. Releases cleanly.

Standard sizes:

Tapes: Widths ranging from 1 inch (2.54cm) to 48 inches (121.92cm) wide by 60 ft. (18.3m) long. Available as wide as 54 inches (137.16cm) by 60 ft. (18.3m), special order.

Also available in 16” X 34” bathmats.

Custom slitting and die cut shapes for OEM applications also available.





Anti-Slip Vinyl Tape

1″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Vinyl Tape

2″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Vinyl Tape

3″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Vinyl Tape

4″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Vinyl Tape

6″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Vinyl Tape

12″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Vinyl Tape

18″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Vinyl Tape

24″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Vinyl Tape

36″ X 60 ft.


Anti-Slip Vinyl Tape

48″ X 60 ft.

Bath Mat


Anti-Slip Vinyl Bath Mat

16″ X 34″

Add Suffix “W” for White or “C” for Clear

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