Maxiflex HT Slip Resistant Floor Finish – Satin, 8702

A unique combination of a low luster slip resistant finish combined with unique polymer traction granules yields a slip coefficient that exceeds industry standards. Very durable low luster floor finish that is designed for easy application and subsequent maintenance.  Dry Bright and low luster.  Recommended for senior care facilities. Imparts a durable black mark resistant film that is not affected by multiple detergent scrubbing. Yields a waterproof surface that is resistant to spills and wet traffic. Worn areas can be recoated to blend thereby eliminating the need for frequent stripping. Use on vinyl, vinyl composite tile, linoleum, rubber floors.


  • Very durable 
  • Cures in 15 minutes 
  • Simply mop on and allow to dry.
  • Coverage approximately 2500 sq. ft. per gallon, one coat.  Four coats recommended.
  • Maxiflex is self sealing, non powdering, non yellowing, versatile, easily applied, has excellent scuff & scratch resistance and is
    Slip Resistant.
  • Very durable high quality floor finish designed for straight forward application and on-going maintenance.
  • High molecular weight film / Detergent resistant and superior durability.
  • Buffable / Easy to repair and minimizes recoating.
  • Designed for ease of application / Can be applied by any personnel with minimal training.
  • Thermoplastic.  Does not  powder under normal conditions.
  • Meets or exceeds 0.5 coefficient of friction as measured by James Machine Methodology. ASTM Method D2047-82.

Container sizes: 1 gallon (3.78 L), 4 per case.