No Skidding® Walkway and Ramp Panels

No Skidding® Anti-Slip FRP Panels are heavy duty solutions providing immediate and durable anti-slip protection for exterior and interior areas over wood, concrete, brick, stone and metal. They provide a quick fix for slippery surfaces that can’t be easily resurfaced. Our panels can be butted together to create slip-resistant walkways, landings, ramps or working areas rapidly with virtually no downtime or inconvenience. They are easily installed and affixed to floors or ramps using adhesive or screws.

Product No.



NSFRP-PANEL-(Y or B)0.09X30X96

3/32”Thickness by 30” Width by 96” Length                  

Available Black or Yellow

NSFRP-PANEL-(Y or B)0.125X48X96

1/8”Thickness by 48” Width by 96” Length               

Available Black or Yellow

Available in coarse/heavy duty, medium or fine.

Add Suffix “C” for Coarse, “M” for Medium or “F” for Fine when ordering.

Please inquire about custom sizes.