No Skidding® Walkway and Ramp Panels

No Skidding® Anti-Slip FRP Walkway and Ramp Panels are a heavy duty solution that provides immediate and durable anti-slip protection for exterior and interior areas over wood, concrete, brick, stone and metal. They provide a quick fix for slippery surfaces that can’t be easily resurfaced. Our panels can be butted together to create durable slip-resistant walkways, landings, ramps or working areas rapidly with virtually no downtime or inconvenience. They are easily installed and affixed to floors or ramps using PL adhesives or fasteners. A wide variety of custom sizes and flexible options are available.

Product No.



NSFRP-PANEL-(Y or B)0.125X48X48

1/8”Thickness by 48” Width by 48” Length                

Available Black or Yellow

NSFRP-PANEL-(Y or B)0.125X48X96

1/8”Thickness by 48” Width by 96” Length               

Available Black or Yellow

Available in coarse/heavy duty, medium or fine. Please inquire about custom sizes.

Add Suffix “C” for Coarse, “M” for Medium or “F” for Fine when ordering.