FLEXFINISH H.T. Slip Resistant Floor Finish – High Gloss, 8002

Flexfinish HT is an excellent quality high gloss, high solids thermoplastic floor finish that provides a bright gloss with one application.  Flexfinish HT is durable, easy to apply, anti slip and has outstanding wear and appearance.  Typically four coat application required.  Flexfinsh HT is suitable wherever floor finishes are typically applied.

Coverage is about 2500 sq. ft. per gallon on non porous surfaces, one coat.

Flexfinish HT is a clear, self sealing, non powdering, non yellowing, versatile, easily applied, has excellent scuff & scratch resistance and is slip resistant, when dry. Recommended for all interior floors where a durable, gloss, slip resistant floor finish is required.


  • Very durable • High Solids • Slip resistant
  • Scuff and Scratch Resistant
  • Simple application • Very hard wearing • Cost effective • Labor Saving
  • Non Yellowing • Freeze / Thaw stable
  • Excellent leveling characteristics
  • 30 minute dry time • UL® Classified for Slip Resistance.   
  • Four or five coats suggested.
  • If a more slip resistant floor finish is desired, please refer to Maxiflex HT Gloss.

Container sizes:  1 gallon (3.78 L), 5 gallon (18.9 L), or 55 gallon (207.9L) drums.