Anti-Slip FRP Fiberglass Step Covers & Walkway Panels

Provide immediate anti-slip safety with almost indestructible Anti-Slip FRP Fiberglass Step Covers & Walkway Panels, Anti-Slip FRP Stair Treads & Walkway Ramp Panels.  No Skidding® Anti-Slip FRP Step Covers and Walkway Panels are heavy duty solutions that are suitable for interior and exterior stairs, walkways and ramps made of concrete, wood, stone, metal or brick.  Rapidly remedy slippery areas with minimal downtime. Unlike Anti-Slip Coatings or Anti-Slip Tapes, No Skidding® FRP Step Covers, Treads and Panels can be installed in winter and are ideal for application in very cold or wet areas where the application of a coating may be impractical or a quick fix for slippery surfaces that can’t be easily resurfaced.

No Skidding® Anti-Skid FRP Step Covers, Treads, Walkway and Ramp panels are a quick and simple solution for greasy, slippery stairs which cannot be painted or coated due to weather, lack of downtime or are chemically damaged. Anti-Slip FRP Step Covers and Treads have a heavy-duty resin bonded anti-slip surface that matches our FRP Panels and Walkways.

No Skidding® FRP Step Covers are lightweight, versatile, easy to install, available black, yellow or black with yellow nosing for easy identification. Our No Skidding® FRP Treads are constructed with our proprietary blend of mineral abrasives applied over thermoset polyester fiber reinforced polymer panels and provide a more permanent solution than anti–slip tapes.  Custom sizes available.