Anti-Slip Floor Treatments

Anti-Slip Floor Treatment options by No Skidding®  are water based, low odor easy-to-use, economical and proven anti-slip treatments that address the problem caused by slippery-when-wet hard tile floors, unsealed concrete and enamel or porcelain bathtubs.

Our anti-slip floor treatments create an “Invisible Tread” on tile floors but can also be use on an enamel or porcelain bathtubs. The anti-slip treatments significantly increase the co-efficient of friction and reduce the problems caused by slippery-when-wet surfaces.

Three distinct formulations help address three different groups of mineral based hard floor surfaces. Our three distinct formulations address slippery-when-wet conditions for natural unsealed mineral floors, such as ceramic, porcelain, quarry tile, granite, mosaic tile, slate, terrazzo, travertine and also unsealed concrete and enamel or porcelain tubs or showers.

Our Treatments typically last for years with one application and good housekeeping and can be used indoors and outdoors.  The wetter the floor the more effective the slip-resistance.  Floors can be put back in use immediately after application procedure completed.