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Since 1993 our customers have relied on us for dependable anti-slip solutions We react quickly to our customers.  We understand that your orders are always time sensitive Rapid custom anti-slip tape product solutions developed with our customers’ needs in mind Our North American manufactured product have been tested by independent authorities for slip-resistance Due to volume and efficiencies our pricing is among the best in the industry


Slip related injuries represent a very high percentage of workplace and home accidents. These accidents can cause painful medical problems, long term disabilities, lost productivity, extensive financial losses, legal entanglements and insurance difficulties.

According to the U.S. National Safety Council, every day more than 25,000 people go to hospital with injuries due to slip / fall accidents. Slip / fall accidents are the second leading cause of accidental death after automobile accidents. Slips and falls are the leading cause of death in the workplace and the cause of more than 20 percent of disabling injuries.

Slip / falls are also the number one cause of injury in hotels, restaurants, public buildings and make up nearly half of all home accidents. The total expense resulting from slip / fall injuries is a $100 billion problem.

In order to make floors safe, it is important to apply the appropriate anti slip product on the correct surface, with the proper surface preparation and then to maintain the surface appropriately. The nature of the traffic and the nature of the floor surface are to be considered. Areas designed for heavy vehicular traffic require a more aggressive and durable product than areas designed for pedestrian foot traffic. When contaminants combine with a naturally smooth, non porous surface such as steel, concrete, tile, slips and falls are the result. No Skidding Products have developed the most complete range of floor safety products in the world to address this and draws on three generations and over 40 years of experience in coatings & chemicals technology.

Our products are designed for situations ranging from industrial applications with vehicular traffic to commercial applications where aesthetics are as important as safety. Our products are in use in over fifty countries around the world and in use in dozens of market segments, including: Hospitality, Restaurants, Industrial, Health Care, Marine and Yachting, Public Transit, Recreational Vehicle Safety, Transportation, Military, Schools and Universities, Municipalities, Aircraft, Theatre, Financial, Mining, Stadium and Sporting facilities and Residential. We also specialize in custom and OEM applications.

There is a growing awareness and desire to address slip injury around the world. No Skidding Products’ comprehensive range of easy to apply anti slip treatments, coatings, tapes and floor care products are ideally positioned to service this demand. Our products are designed to help protect workers, customers, and pedestrians from dangerous slips and falls.

We all share a concern for the prevention of slip injuries. Our goal is to offer the most complete range of quality floor safety and maintenance products so as to help create a safer environment for us all.

If you are a hotel or property manager, a health & safety officer, or supply floor maintenance products or services, you must learn about No Skidding Floor Safety Products and the advantages to your company. Although we do have distribution in many parts of the world, we are actively looking for importers and distributors in overseas markets where there is a growing awareness for the prevention of slip injury and anti slip products designed to address this concern in a cost effective manner.

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