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SAFE-DECK Slip Resistant Exterior Wood Deck Coating

Safe-Deck SD Series
Safe-Deck is a semi-industrial, hard-wearing acrylic coating system that has been especially formulated for use on sundecks, balconies, boat decks, steps, concrete areas, tennis courts, basement floors, etc.

Safe-Deck is easy to apply and dries in 3 to 5 hours between coats depending on atmospheric and temperature conditions. A deck coated with Safe-Deck can be used the next day if the drying conditions were correct. Its flexibility is one of its many outstanding features. Safe-Deck has been job proven for 20 years, both on new wood and over other coatings. Make sure that the surface is well prepared before coating. Remove any loose material and sand any glossy areas to ensure a good bond. A thorough scrubbing with TSP solution and rinsing with clean water is recommended. Then allow drying.
  • To correct blisters and peeling on previously coated decks, cut out the blisters and feather the edges of the solid coating. Sand the exposed wood. Tape any joints with primer and tape, then apply the primer coat and base coat. After all areas are repaired, apply a color coat over the entire deck.
  • A primer is not required over other solid coatings or concrete. The primer is used only on new wood or sanded old decks where the wood is exposed. Thorough sanding of painted or stained decks is recommended.
  • Previously Coated or Painted Decks

Being an acrylic, containing no oils, Safe-Deck Breathes. This allows moisture vapour to escape, but will not allow the rain to enter. Ideal for new exterior grade plywood & plank decks.

Safe-Deck is used right out of the container after stirring. Use a crack filler, and a primer when needed.

  • Crack Filler is recommended for joints, cracks, small voids in wood, concrete and asphalt.
  • New Plywood Deck. The application is quite simple. First, tape all joints. Apply the primer to the areas to be taped, and then lay the tape into the wet primer. Saturate the tape by applying more primer over the tape. Use the shortest pile roller or a brush for the flat joints and a brush for the others. Then prime the whole deck using 1 qt. (.94L) of primer per 100 sq. ft. (9.3 sq. m.), roll or brush on Safe Deck.
  • Safe-Deck is excellent for New Plank Decks. For maximum protection on new decks, before laying apply one primer coat and one coat of Safe Deck.
  • Never apply Safe-Deck in the direct sun and make sure the surface is cool. Ideal temperature range during and several hours after application are 50° to 65°F (10° to 18°C). Never apply when temperature is below 50°F (10°C).
  • Hands, brushes and rollers are quickly and easily cleaned with water, eliminating the costs and hazard of solvents and thinners.

No Skidding® Safe-Deck is a semi-industrial hard wearing acrylic system that has been especially formulated for use by homeowners, contractors and painters on sun decks, porches, balconies, boat decks, steps and concrete areas.

Material Required:
  • Roller Tray                 • Short Pile Paint Roller
  • Safe-Deck                 • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
Being an acrylic and containing no oils, Safe-Deck breathes. Under a microscope it looks like a layer of salmon eggs. Between the contact points of the beads is a microscopic pinhole which allows moisture vapour to escape, but will not allow the rain to come in. This greatly lessons the danger of blistering, peeling or cracking on wood and masonry.

How To Do It - The Safe-Deck System
  1. Crack Filler
  2. Fiber Tape
  3. Primer
  4. Safe Deck
Safe Deck is available in five colors:

Beige, Brown, Light Gray, Red, Green

On New Plywood
  1. Fill cracks
  2. Tape joints and flashings
  3. Prime coat deck
  4. Safe Deck
On Previously Painted Plywood
  1. Remove loose material
  2. Sand glossy areas and wash with TSP solution, then rinse with tap water
  3. Safe Deck

On New Concrete
  1. If under 6 months old and smooth wash with diluted muriatic acid to etch and neutralize. Rinse off with tap water. Let dry.
  2. Apply Safe Deck
On Previously Painted Concrete
  1. Remove loose material
  2. Sand glossy areas and wash with TSP solution then rinse with tap water. Let dry.
  3. Apply Safe Deck
  1. Prepare the surface properly.
  2. Apply at recommended spreading rate.
  3. Allow 2-3 hours drying time between coats.
  4. Make sure the temperature is going to be over 10°C for at least 4 hours after you have finished.
  1. Start if the weather looks questionable.
  2. Apply when temperature is below 10°C
  3. Thin the product.
  4. Apply over loose paint dirt or oily surfaces.
  5. Put heavy furniture or objects on the completed deck until coating has cured for 6 days.
  6. Apply in the direct sun.

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